Top 5 best ways to make money online in Pakistan

There are millions of ways to make money online but today we are only toking about Top 5 best ways to make money online in Pakistan.

If you fallow over instruction and all the important information that we tell in this article so I’m sure you will easily earn money online.

I’m sure you are ready so lats start over list

1. Freelancing

If you are a beginner or first time trying to do something online to make money online, So my recommendation is to do freelancing.

Top 5 best ways to make money online in Pakistan

It is lots of easyer than others and fasts to make money.

You guys can do freelancing in various different fields like you can choose Article Writing, Video Editing, Graphics designing, WordPress, IT, Data Entry Etc. That is not all you can do in freelancing.

There are plenty of other services as well that you can provide in a freelance marketplace. Now, what is a freelance market place? It is a place or an online website on which you provide your services as a freelancer and earn money.

There are several freelance market place like Fiverr, Upwork, Peopleperhour, Freelancer, Truelancer Etc. Not only this there are several more freelancing platforms on which you can provide your services and earn a good amount of money.

Here is a list of some freelancing platforms I recommend you guys to work on.

  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Peopleperhour
  • Guru

These are not all the freelancing platforms or websites that our present but these are the websites and freelancing platforms that are the best. They provide you with quality work and a good amount of money for the required work.

Before you start work on these websites you need one thing. What one thing must be? That is a proper skill in which you are an expert. Yes, a proper skill which is in demand and you should provide services related to those skills.

What are those skills? First of all, those can be Article Writing, Video Editing, Graphics designing, WordPress, IT, Data Entry Etc. but hey hey wait it does not depend upon which service I told you guys to provide you services on.

Then why have I told you about such services above? It is because these are the services that have a massive demand for freelance platforms nowadays. But that does not mean you should provide the services in these categories only.

You should provide your services in the category in which you are an expert. Or the category in which you have an interest because if you will provide services in a category you love and have an interest then it will become much easier for you to earn money doing freelancing.

So now I hope you guys have a piece of good knowledge of freelancing and how you can earn money from freelancing. Comment down below if you guys have any queries related to freelancing.

If you Want to do freelancing so I will suggest you check this course to get every information about freelancing. Best freelancing course

2. YouTube

Yes, YouTube. You guys must have heard about YouTube. For those guys who don’t know about YouTube, I must tell you guys that it is a platform for digital content creators. Yes, you heard it right.

Top 5 best ways to make money online in Pakistan

As a viewer on YouTube, you can watch some quality videos. But as a creator means if you create your channel on YouTube then you can start making money form that. Yeah, it must be sounding unrealistic but trust me guys you can earn money by creating and uploading videos on YouTube.

It is very simple to earn money from YouTube, but before that, you guys need to fulfil some criteria and hold on I will tell you even that as well. On YouTube to get the monetization you need to fulfil some criteria. What is that?

Now, what is that criterion? On YouTube, you guys need to have at least 1 thousand subscribers and watch a time of 4 thousand hours. If you come clear on these guidelines then your channel will become eligible for monetization.

Yes, it is that simple you simply need to make videos on any category you like or any category you have knowledge of. For example, you can open a tech channel in which you can give reviews about tech products.

Or you can open a gaming channel through which you can earn money by uploading gaming videos or even review some games. Not only that you can even make an education channel on which you can share your knowledge and educate other people.

This is all I have formed the technique of YouTube. Now coming back to our main topic that is Top 5 best ways to make money online. Let us move towards the third way or technique that is the Website.

Personally, if I tell you guys that I am making money by working on these three ways from the Top 5 best ways to make money online or techniques that are Freelancing, YouTube and Website then you guys must be amazed. there is nothing to be amazed at because It is very easy to earn from these ways.

You guys just need to be optimistic and stay focus and also not to forget to give your best while being motivated as success won’t achieve within a day and you have to give your time as I say you must give at least 6 months.

3. Blogging

So What is blogging hm? basically blogging is writing articles on a website or on Blogger to earn money from it. Now you guys must be wondering what is Blogger? Blogger is a website or a google platform on which you can do blogging.

Top 5 best ways to make money online in Pakistan

Basically there are two ways in which you can do Blogging. What are those two ways? Those are making a website and post article son it and the second is for those who can not afford to buy a hosting or domain for the website.

Blogger yes those who can not afford to buy hostings for their website can go on Blogger on Blogger they are provided free themes on which they can do multiple thinglike posting articles and giving information through it.

Now, You guys must be wondering how you guys can earn from websites or blogs. Or even by writing articles. It is very simple just like YouTube you guys need to make your website eligible for monetization.

Just like YouTube, you need to monetize your website from Google AdSense in order to earn money from it. Now, what is this Google Adsense? It is basically a google platform through which you can enable monetization on your website and earn money from it.

How Google AdSense Pay you? Google AdSense simply runs ads on your website and from the revenue of that ad you can earn a large amount of money. Google AdSense pays you a little more amount of money than on YouTube.

The revenue is generated when someone simply comes to your website and click on an ad on your website. the clicking of that user will result in ad revenue and you will be able to get that ad revenue form google AdSense simply.

This is how simply you can start making money by making a blogging website. Now coming back to the main topic that is Top 5 best ways to make money online.

4. Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing and how you can earn or make money from Affiliate Marketing? It is very simple and it is just like Blogging. What just like blogging? Then why it is separated from it?

Top 5 best ways to make money online in Pakistan

Hold on guys and calm down have your seats. It is just familiar with Blogging in the sense that in Affiliate Marketing you guys need to sell products. Seem confusing? No, it is not. What you guys basically have to do is you guys have to promote products.

Yes, You guys have to promote products and if someone buys that product from your referral link then you will be able to get some commission from it. yes, you guys will get commissions if someone buys something from your referred link.

This technique from the top 5 best ways to make money online is the best to some extent. Do you want to know how? Let me tell it is very easy you guys just need to send links to various WhatsApp groups or even Facebook groups and earn money from it.

But this is not recommended. Then what should we guys do? We guys should simple, make a website and post articles on it related to the following products that we want to sell.

What will happen from it is that you will have to put the link at the end of each product description so it someone is interested in buying something then he or she must buy that form your referred link.

Not only that you can even apply for Google AdSense. Yes, you can earn form two ways in this category that’s why I prefer this category. The most common and best platform for Affiliate Marketing is Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Because Amazon is the most trusted website in the world when it comes to selling and buying and also they give a good commission rate when compared to any other Affiliate Platform.

5. Flipping Websites

You guys must be wondering that what is meant by flipping websites right? So you guys don’t need to panic just read carefully with the focus that what flipping means. Flipping websites means selling your developed websites.

Top 5 best ways to make money online in Pakistan

Yes, Flipping means selling your website to someone else. This can be simply done only if you own a website like if you are following technique numbers 3 and 4 to earn a good amount of money.

You can sell your website once you think that it is time to sell it on a platform named Flippa. Yes, Flippa is a website on which you can sell your websites at a good rate. At Flippa there are money people to buy your website and give you your desire money for it.

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