Looking for a way to make money with Pinterest. Well, you are on the right way to look forward to it. I see Pinterest as a pin you interest. It is a globally used web for making online money. Pinterest has a population of 80 million users according to a 2013 report and 80 per cent of them are women.

PINTEREST is one of the fastest-growing webs of photo sharing with millions of users. You should consider this as an opportunity to make money here. As PINTEREST continues to grow your good fortune will grow too.

PINTEREST is providing you with a wide scope of jobs to carry your career. Let’s take a look ahead. So here are some of the things you should carry on PINTEREST

So lets start how to make money on Pinterest.

  • 1.Fun craft ideas
  • 2.Home decore
  • 3.Brand promoting
  • 4.Life hacks
  • 5.Recycling
  • 6.Fashion icon
  • 7.Fitness junkie

1.Fun craft ideas

PINTEREST is providing you with a wide area of fun craft ideas. It is targeted most because of juniors. Many peoples are interested in arts and other things related to them. So we can say that it is one of the most used topics on the web.

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If you are good at designing and crafting or creating things you really should consider this topic. Peoples are mostly attracted here because there want different and new things around. You can create different things with your skills and according to what peoples want to see most.

You can take pictures of your designs or models and let your viewers know how it made. There are lots of cool things people want to see so if you are good at designing go for it. PINTEREST is also providing you with a chance to sell your products.

2.Home decors

Women are always in the search to make their home look great. It is one of the most targeted webs too on PINTEREST. If you are good at selecting things or had a sense of humour about colour schemes you should go for it.

how to make money on pinterest ,Pinterest, make money online

By looking at your work impressions your viewers can also hear you for their personal home decore assist. You can do lots of things here. You can tell your viewers about how they can play with different colours, What little changes they can do to there environment and had wonderful results, how they can set there antique and modern things to a balance in their home, how can different shades affect their moods, how they can organize their things to ha a sleek look.

So you really should go for it if you want to have a good amount of money. Always keep this in mind to have those things which are viewers demand or what is unique and what you will do so or customers get attracted.

3.Brand promoting

It is one of the most used points in making money on PINTEREST. Many companies give a good amount of commission to promote their brands.

You can find lots of such companies who want good affiliates to promote their products in that way both can enjoy a good amount of profit.

how to make money on pinterest ,Pinterest, make money online

But here your languages matter most. If you are a good convincer or your body language is attractive you can easily handle this. One more thing your comments regarding the brand should be honest.

You can pin different things about your brand on your board. So the buyers can easily see what are you promoting. It is one of the easiest methods to earn money on PINTEREST.

 4.Life hacks

Everyday peoples suffer from such things which are so irritating and they get tired of solving them. PINTEREST is giving you a chance to prove your ability here if you are good at solving tiny problems with easy hacks. It is also counted as one of the most used webs.

how to make money on pinterest ,Pinterest, make money online

Here you can use your abilities to solve daily small and annoying problems. Lots of peoples are attracted here as they find it use full and love to do creative things which you are telling them in these daily hacks. You can solve their problems according to your passion or interest.

If you are good in makeup you can tell your viewers about make up hacks, or hair hacks, cooking, managing things, dressing, etc. like this there are lots of things you can tell to your viewers or you can simply combine them all to make a good impression

It is an easy way to earn money here but you will have to get regular for your work. As your competition will be tough so you will have to do hard work here. and you can also make a youtube channel for more earning.


We are in a digital world but yet we are suffering from some issues like Global Warming and the cause of this is pollution. So for this purpose, we are looking forward to the main thing that is recycling. PINTEREST is supporting this a lot.

how to make money on pinterest ,Pinterest, make money online

Many peoples love to recycle. They have a creative mind and always come up with new things. So if you are one of those you really should go for it. Recycling is also a good time spending thing for kids their recycle thing to create something new.

Even the housewives are interested here. If you have a creative mind you can come up with many ideas here. For kids, you can make such things as pencil holders or cards, etc., so they can use their old material or things to create new ones. Like this, for housewives, you can create different home decors for their house, or you can use old boxes and recycle them to have a perfect storage solution, etc.

You can do a lot more then this if you are a good recycler and have an efficient mind to come up with new ideas

6.Fashion icon

It’s everyone’s dream to look pretty and smart. So for this, it is one of the most important and used wed. This is been used in every area. So if you have a good sense of fashion you can easily join this web.

how to make money on pinterest ,Pinterest, make money online

Here you can tell peoples about the latest trends what is going out or what is coming in. What are the latest designs or what is coming next after this. You can also tell your viewers what type of dressing will suites on their personality.

Peoples are always interested in fashion and want updates every time. Some very conscious peoples are always worried about how they look so you can target peoples like that by telling them what suites them or how they can carry a dress even it’s not good for them but still want to carry it.

PINTEREST also allows you to move forward so for this purpose you can also add brand links or can work with different brands to earn more money.


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      There are thousands of ways are available to make money online but it is not easy to find what is best for you so go and select that inch or topic which is best for you or try youtube for part-time work.

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