As it is a digital world and everything is in your hands. You are away from things with just a click. Youngsters nowadays want to make money.

So there is the main target is online working. Youtube is a platform where millions of peoples are doing online jobs and many companies are facilitating them.

So you will be looking for an easy job to make money. There are lots of things you can do on youtube. It is providing you with a large scope to work out easily.

If you are confident and a hard-working person you can really make good money here.

How to make a channel

So looking forward to this topic I’m going to tell you what you can do on YouTube to make a good amount of money here. Either you are a bigger or a professional anyone can join it.


So working here is easy and you will not get bored or find it difficult.

On YouTube, you can make your own channel or you can work there as an employee after joining a particular channel.

To make a YouTube channel you simply have to make

  • 1.A google account
  • 2.Make a youtube channel by using a google account
  • 3.Develop your channel
  • 4.Add your profile photo
  • 5.Start adding links and make videos for your channel

So after this, you have to pike up your lane. It is so simple you have to look forward to your abilities what are you good at. What you can do best? What did you like to do? Pik up a spot where your grip is strong.

For example, if you are a good Video editor and know a lot about it you can make your own channel and teach how to edit videos or you can provide your services there to earn money

You can catch up here either in your free time or all time there is no time limit here.

Youtube is giving a wide range of work here some of them are

  • 1.Promoting brand
  • 2.Gaming
  • 3.Graphic Designing
  • 4.Health
  • 5.Makeup Tutorials
  • 6.Audio and Video Editing
  • 7.Cooking channel
  • 8.Entertainment
  • 9.Life hacks
  • 10.Reviews making

Promoting brands

It is one of the easy ways to make money. Many brands want such persons who can promote their brand easily. This includes your body language the way you talk and give expressions.


So the buyer gets attracted easily towards you what are you saying about it. If you know other languages it is a plus point for you. You can get paid more for that. But your comments should be honest about the brand.

Many companies are highering peoples for this as they have lots of profit of this. So if you are a good speaker and are a confident person you really should go for this you can spend your free time to cash time here.


It is one of the biggest ways to earn money on your tube. As we are facing this covid problem nowadays soo youngsters remain in their houses and are more attracted to games.


If you are a good game hacker or player you can earn double or triple on this. You can make different videos on games hacks or you can instruct there how to carry or finish a game.

Many peoples are interested in gaming and want to know the hidden things and also want to end the game quickly by seeing different videos so if you are interested in gaming and can unlock hidden things you are definitely in hands of luck.

It all again comes to how hardworking you are. You simply need to make videos of games and upload them on your channel

Graphic Designing

There is a huge demand for graphic designers nowadays as it is a digital world. Each day as the digital world grows peoples want new things. So if you have a creative mind you really should go for it.


You can either teach graphic designing or you can sell your designs to make your eBooks there. You can get contacts from different companies as well.

There is a wide range of products on which you can work easily you can also create 3D designers peoples are mostly attracted to this kind of things.

So if you are a good creator go for this it really works out for a huge amount of money.


Some very conscious people in this world pay attention to themselves a lot. It is a time when everyone is afraid because of covid 19. If you a good health instructor you can earn a heavy amount on this gig.


People pay attention a lot more to their fitness as everyone wants to look great a smart so people search a lot for the health and even higher persons who have given them full information and it actually work out.

So if you are a good adviser and have knowledge about health and fitness you really should consider it.

Makeup Tutorials

It is one of the most popular channels that is being used on YouTube. Many users search it daily and support it a lot.


If you are a good makeup artist you can make your own channel and earn a lot there. Teenagers who don’t know much about makeup want simple and elegant looks every day.

On this gig, you can do more than that. You can also tell makeup hacks here. According to the viewer’s demand, you can make any kind of make-up or do what you like the most.

Your earning will increase here in days if your work will be impressive and viewers like to see you more. The more you will work hard the more you will gain.

Audio and Video Editing

It’s a creative profession and has a high demand. If you are a good editor you can do lots of things and earn a lot with your abilities.


As a good editor, you can teach editing to your viewer and also sell your services to your customers. If your customers like your work you will be hired again and again for your good work.

People are interested in new and creative work so it will be your golden chance to show your creativity.

And can earn a good amount of cash with your abilities. you can also make a gig on Fiverr to earn more money doing this. Fiverr tips can help you

Cooking channel

Lots of women are interested in this topic. Everyday peoples want new verity of food items on their tables for this purpose it is been used a lot.


If you are a good cook and can make mini snacks in very little time you are so lucky to start on this channel. Here you can make delicious food recipes and can also tell the advantages of different things as a tip.

Many health-conscious peoples are always afraid to gain weight so for them you can also tell different food recipes which are delicious and good for health.

If you are a good cook you do a lot more than that. It is easy to make good money here so go on for this if you are a good cook.


When it comes to entertainment almost every person around the globe gets attracted. Here you can create your own cartoon just for kids’ enjoyment.


As children are more interested here. If you are a good storyteller you can also make short stories for your views or you can describe long films into short stories.

If you know more than 1 language you have a plus point here. You can use different languages for different views this will help in inches of your followers and you will get a good amount of money of course.

Entertainment has a large area on YouTube you can do a lot according to your abilities to earn a good amount of money here.


Many peoples are interested to see different hacks. As they solve their routine problems. So if you are good at solving problems with the help of things which are at your home and you find them useless.


Here you can try the food hacks, clothes hacks, makeup hacks, and lots of more fun things. It is easy to make money here as you teach peoples how to reuse things and can reuse them more.

This only requires a creative mind so if your mind is full of crazy thoughts and know-how to use useless things to make them work you really should consider this it will also help you to make easy money in less time than any other.

But as I always said hard work is required everywhere. So you should keep one thing in mind that what peoples want most hit at the right spot and you will earn it.

Reviews making

In reviews making you can give reviews about different products. As it is a digital world and peoples want to shop online as well as go to the market place. So reviews have high importance here. If you are a good communicator and there is flexibility in your language you can easily pick this opportunity.


You can also add an affiliated link to the product as the seller will give you comments on this. But your reviews about the products should be honest. You can make a good cash amount by giving reviews about the product.

If you are really interested in making a youtube channel you should go regularly here. Try to improve your thumbnails. hard work is required here.

After that, your efforts will bring fruit to you. Edit your profile regularly and optimize your channel. To get success on youtube your video quality and quantity should good.

Try to select your channel according to your abilities so you can last there. If you have any questions in your mind you can ask me in the comment section below.

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